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Time Ranger story (M.M.P.R.)
I still remember the day I had to say goodbye to my mother. She walked over to me while someone I never saw before stood back watching us both. She handed me a small stone that I didn't know at the time would change my life forever. "Olivia keep this sake." She said as she put the stone in my hand. "Mother what is it? What's wrong? does this have to do with that strange woman?" I asked her and she laughed softly. "Olivia your just like your father." I blinked as she barely ever spoke of him but when she did he was always your father. I still didn't know his name just that he used to be a ranger and was still one off and on. "Mother?" My mother sighed softly and placed a hand on her cheek. "If I don't return by your birthday. I want you to go to college in Angel Grove. And find him and whatever team he is working with at that time." My mother ran her hand down my cheek slowly. "Promise me, Olivia." I smiled softly at her mother. "I swear it mother I will." And with that, my mother turne
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Time can change can't it? (Arrowverse fan-fic)
They say traveling through time can be a good thing or a bad thing. No one talks about the heartache it can cause you when you stand there facing either your mom or dad and have to keep your mouth zipped about who you are. I had to do just that and it hurt not getting revenge against not only my father but mostly Barry Allen for his crime that caused your father to hurt you. But I shall tell you something though people have gone missing who or what has taken them I don't know but I must find out. You can call me Doctor Hera or just Hera the rest of my name you shall find out in my story sorry that's just how it will have to be.
A girl with blondish brown hair with a couple streaks of pink in it walked out of a small spacecraft that looked nothing like the one the reverse flash used it was more like it was thrown together almost. The girl turned and looked back at the ship as a part of the side fell off and she groaned. "Great something else I have to fix on top of that."
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Yu Yu Hakashio and the Goddess of Death.
There was a time if you asked me what I would do with the rest of my life. And I would have told you anything other than what I am about to share with you. I didn't expect people to die for me as a child or when I got older as an adult. There would people human and demon alike who would be willing to die for me. It wasn't in the card's or in the lines of my story should my mother, father, brother, and grandmother had lived. Strange to think of a goddess to be dead but she is. She died before her daughter aka my mother could have taken on the role and then later on myself would have taken on the role of the goddess of cats. But that is only just pieces and parts of the story to come. First I should tell you who I am beside the person just writing the start of this story. My name is Naku and I am known among the human's and demon's as the goddess of death. It has been my title since the day I was born and a touch from me made not only my father sick but my mother as well and anyone else
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Tardis let something lose. by Naku24 Tardis let something lose. :iconnaku24:Naku24 1 0
Mature content
The devil and the 'Virgin' sacrifice. :iconnaku24:Naku24 1 0
So the devil can behave....maybe.
Lucifer looked up at the sky as he finally noticed the wing's coming out of his back and he smirked to himself. He looked up at the sky and gave a cheeky grin at the sky before he chuckled and shook his head slightly. "Thank you father." He said simply before he took off into the sky with his wings guiding him back to the city. He didn't notice Ella sitting in her car watching as she spoke on the phone. "Yeah dad he's on his way back now. I don't know why you could have watched over him." She chuckled softly as she listened. "He is your brother." She hung up and turned the car on and drove back to the city while keeping an eye on the sky as Lucifer flew out of eye sight.
Chloe walked out of the elevator of the Lux loft and saw Amenadiel & Maze drinking. "Have either one of you seen Lucifer?" Amenadiel turned and looked at Chloe and blinked slightly. "I haven't seen him since he went after mom yesterday. Didn't he go visit Linda after the fact Maze?" Maze nodded her head slightly th
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Mature content
The wall (Based on two made up people) :iconnaku24:Naku24 1 0
Evil lives here by Naku24 Evil lives here :iconnaku24:Naku24 0 2 Cat Logic by Naku24 Cat Logic :iconnaku24:Naku24 0 0 A promice by Naku24 A promice :iconnaku24:Naku24 0 0 The Protectors. by Naku24 The Protectors. :iconnaku24:Naku24 0 0
Welcome to Hell (A School in Hell Fan Fiction)-12
Nora turned and smirked at Maka. "If you misbehave again Maka I will spank you instead." He said as his smirk shifted over into a rather wicked smirk. "Sit." She said simply and Nora chuckled as he leaned in towards her and licked her cheek. "That doesn't work on me anymore Maka." He said simply before he pulled her right up against him and tilted her head up. "I should get you to class princess." He said before he softly on her lips before he whispered into her ear something that made Maka blush brightly as they headed towards class hand in hand as they went as Maka tried to wiped off where Nora licked her face. Though Maka was smiling none the less since she finally felt she got her puppy right where she wants him or he will let himself go.
Meanwhile back with Sin and Mary, he took one more pull off her neck before he licked the wounds close and looked into her eyes as he licked his bottom lip before he kissed her deeply on the lips. "Mine." Mary smiled softly as she looked at him. "
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Welcome to Hell (A School in Hell Fan Fiction)-11
Anubis walked up to Lucifer's office door and knocked softly. "Bring her in Anubis." He said Anubis opened the door and let Mal enter the room. "Good luck Mal." He said closing the door behind her. Before he turned and headed towards his classroom not really noticing a purpled haired neko watching him closely as he kept on walking. He stopped just outside his door before he turned and looked back the way he came feeling someone or something watching him. But he didn't see anyone and what he smelled was all the students and teachers as well. He sighed softly before muttering to himself about getting old and starting to hear things. He walked into his classroom and headed towards his office for a while. Naku was a few feet behind him as she moved along behind him being rather stealthy.
Meanwhile back in the library, Sebastian smirked at his little fairy as he watched her dress. "Keep that up Apple and I might have to strip you again." He winked at her as she turned and glared at him. "No
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Welcome to Hell (A School in Hell Fan Fiction)-10
Sebastian watched as Anubis walked toward's him. "That was crazy." Sebastian's ears twitched slightly. "Yes, I know I was there with my father Anubis." He said simply as he looked at him. "So what are you going to do about Naku?" He asked his friend finally. Anubis looked at him with his head cocked to the side like a dog. "I don't know man, she lived through being shunned even before the whole kingdoms over throne thing. To end up being unable to touch anyone but her own brother its just insane." Sebastian laughed softly. "She can touch you and she seems to really like touching you a lot. Besides she grew up with her brother here rather well if I might say so myself. And that pervert brother of her's is in love. Even if he doesn't want to admit it to Stella anyway." Anubis looked at Sebastian funny. "She is only to me because of her grandmother Bast." Sebastian shook his head slightly. "No that isn't the only reason why don't you be a good doggy and go find out for yourself Anubis." A
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Welcome to Hell (A School in Hell Fan Fiction)-9
Nora pulled back before anything got him in trouble with his master. He stood there and looked in her eyes as his eyes seem to flash a bit like his powers were sparking behind his eyes. "I hope you understand now Maka." He swallowed before he spoke softly. "Now you should get to class before your late." He said simply as he stepped back and turned and walked out of the classroom without saying anything else to her. Leaving Maka to control her breathing and to calm down. "Dam." She said after a while before she left the classroom herself and headed toward's her first class of the day.
Meanwhile, at the Library a rather good looking pantie melting elven male had finally opened the library door. He stood there for a moment looking around before he ran a hand through his long blond hair before he turned around and walked into the library humming softly to himself an elven tune as he sorted out the book's where they needed to be put back. And check to make sure all the books was in perfect
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Welcome to Hell (A school in Hell Fan Fiction)-8
Seras looked at her husband. "So there going to end up together?" Alucard nodded slightly as little Prince Liam giggled happily. "Yes." He looked at his youngest son. "And one day if I must I will do the same for you." He said with a rather wicked smile as his youngest reached out and tried to grab his daddy's nose. "Love you too son." He said before he kissed him on his forehead and stepped back to kiss his wife on her lip's as he went and sat down at his desk. "This is going to fun to teach these little students as well as torturing them." A young man stuck his head into the room. "Ah, she already left." He looked at Alucard and chuckled softly. "So I have heard you are here old man its been a long time." Alucard stared at him for a moment. "Michael?" He asked the younger male. Michael nodded his head. "Yes, it is. Last time you saw me I was a small child old man." He chuckled softly. "Or well appeared to be anyway." He said simply as he looked at Seras with a smile. "I'm Michael the
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I still remember the day I had to say goodbye to my mother. She walked over to me while someone I never saw before stood back watching us both. She handed me a small stone that I didn't know at the time would change my life forever. "Olivia keep this sake." She said as she put the stone in my hand. "Mother what is it? What's wrong? does this have to do with that strange woman?" I asked her and she laughed softly. "Olivia your just like your father." I blinked as she barely ever spoke of him but when she did he was always your father. I still didn't know his name just that he used to be a ranger and was still one off and on. "Mother?" My mother sighed softly and placed a hand on her cheek. "If I don't return by your birthday. I want you to go to college in Angel Grove. And find him and whatever team he is working with at that time." My mother ran her hand down my cheek slowly. "Promise me, Olivia." I smiled softly at her mother. "I swear it mother I will." And with that, my mother turned and left with the strange woman. I stood there with my boa staff watching them go before I turned back to my training. I didn't know at seventeen my whole life would change the day my mother was coming home she would 'die' in a car wreck on her return trip.

Olivia knew she stood out with her bright pink hair and dressed in all black with black combat boots too. Some people would call her gothic and others would say she is still in mourning over the loss of her mother. A few think back home she lost her mind when she said a monster showed up and killed the taxi driver and pulled her mother out of the reck. Olivia sighed as she took a step towards the door when she bumped into someone. "Oh sorry." She said jumping back slightly to look up into eyes similar to her own. "Are you alright professor?" Tommy smiled softly. "Its alright I'm used to being bumped into at home and in school Miss?" Olivia smiled softly. "It's Miss Olivia Hart." She said with a soft smile. "And who are you Mr. professor?" Tommy almost chuckled over that. "I'm Professor Tommy Oliver so your Kim's kid I didn't know she had any children. So did your father bring you here for your first day of college?" Olivia shook her head slightly. "I never knew my father Mr. Oliver. He never responded to my mother's letters and when she last saw him he had moved on and she didn't want to hurt him." Tommy blinked slightly. "Was he a ranger?" Olivia nodded her head slightly. "Yes, he used to love my mother dearly or she loved him dearly. I better go I shouldn't be late on my first day." She turned and walked away.

Tommy stood there thinking slightly before he shook his head slightly before he walked into the school himself. All day Tommy kept thinking about what Olivia said about her mother and father. He tried to shake it out of his head as he headed towards his car at the end of the day he overheard one of his students speaking to Olivia. "You're going to go where now instead of doing some drinking?" Olivia laughed. "Training in all forms of karate. My mother always wished I was into the Olympics instead of the same sport my father always was into." She walked off heading towards a waiting car. Tommy watched as she opened the door and was smiling at the person inside. Tommy turned and headed towards his own car and his waiting son. "Did you walk here son or did your mother drop you off?" Tommy watched his son shake his head. "No, I took the bus and why were you being so creepy watching that student dad?" Tommy laughed softly. "I guess it kind of was creepy. She is the daughter of my last girlfriend before your mother." He said as he unlocked the car and got in knowing his son would follow him in to get the story. "You dated someone before mom?" Tommy laughed softly as he started the car and watched it drive off. "Yes, and your mother knew her mother." He drove pass Olivia who was talking to what looked like to Tommy as a robot behind the wheel of the car as they drove home.

Olivia finally got into the car and buckled up. "I don't want to hear it Joan I am still a human who needs to go to college so I can get a degree not just train all day long. Besides we still don't know who took my mother." Joan started the car and drove off. "Others have started to vanish as well. Those your mother took with her on that mission. Your one teacher's own wife went with her and as I have told you before your mother never told anyone who your father is not even me." As they took a side street the car vanished to reappear in a makeshift ob center. Olivia got out and headed towards her desk and pulled out her homework. "Fill me in on the last taken while I do homework. And don't give me that look I still need to do homework after all." Joan sighed as she got out of the car and rolled around to the other side of Olivia's desk. "While you were in this school instead of training your mother's old friend Jason Scott has vanished." Olivia looked up "So Rocky, Billy, Adam, Aisha, and now Jason has vanished along with my mother. So out of those my mother took with her on that mission you still will not tell me about who's left?" Joan looked at Olivia. "Kat Oliver." Olivia blinked slightly. "If she married to one Tommy Oliver?" Joan nodded her head slightly. "Correct once she is gone he will have all seven that went on that mission."

Olivia muttered something under her breath before she looked at Joan. "Keep an eye on Mrs. Oliver and her family if we find out who is taking them we can get a heads up by who and what they're doing with them." Joan nodded her head slightly. "As you wish Keeper of Secrets." She said before she turned and rolled away leaving Olivia to shake her head and go back to her homework. Olivia finished her homework and packed up before walking into the computer room. "Anything?" Joan shook her head slightly. "No her and the family have settled in for the night do you think they will go for Mr. Oliver too?" Olivia shrugged her shoulders. "Anything is possible anymore Joan." Olivia turned and went to walk away when Joan spoke up. "I think we spoke too soon." She said as the front door blasted in and the camera's got a little fuzzy but it looked like a strange looking ranger. Olivia touched the stone in her ring before she looked at Olivia. "You're going to have to teleport me down there." She looked off as she pulled something out of her pocket and pressed her ring to it. "Raven cry activated." She crossed her arms in front of her before she spoke again. "It's Morphing time." She said before she morphed into the ninja looking form. "White Raven reporting to duty." She said as she appeared behind the crazy looking power ranger who had a hold of Kat by her hair. "Ah look a little bird lost how cute."

Olivia now as the White Raven. "Boy those bird jokes don't crow old for you now do they." Tommy tried not to laugh over that. "Let my wife go now." He said holding one of his old ranger guns at the crazy ranger. "Nowhere to go now." The crazy ranger shot at Tommy and then quickly at Olivia before dragging Kat out of the house. Olivia stood up and blinked behind her mask. "Well, that's a first last one wanted to fight." She went to take a step and winced holding her side. "Crap." Tommy walked around the corner with his son held close to him. "What was all this about?" Olivia held her side and looked at him. "You should speak to the cop's we will talk later watch your back former ranger." She said before she teleported away. She heard Tommy's son ask a simple question. "What was that all about dad?" Tommy shrugged his shoulders slightly as the cops showed up. "About the past I guess son." He said as the cops showed up and Tommy and his son told them what happened. He sent his son to stay with his friends family while they couldn't go back in the house for a while and until he found out who and why his wife was taken. And morning came early for him as he walked into school earlier than normal. He blinked slightly seeing the headmaster there. "Oliver why don't you take a couple days off or more whatever you need. I know the school year has just started but your wife was just taken." Tommy blinked slightly. "Its fine sir my son is staying with his best friend's family for the time being." The headmaster pats him on the arm as he looked at Tommy. "If you change your mind you can take it." He said before he left.

 The rest of the day was quiet as he sat in his office grading papers when a knock sounded on his door. He glanced at the clock and knew all the students and most of the staff had left for the day. "Enter." He said as his hand stayed close to his old gun he blinked when Olivia walked in his office. "Miss. Heart, what can I do for you and shouldn't you have gone home by now?" Olivia walked over to his desk and took a seat across from him. "If people haven't gone missing I would be back in my home state going to college there and never be wondering why my mother asked me to find him whoever he is." She said simply as Tommy blinked slightly. "Huh?" Olivia smirked slightly. "We both know you use to be the green ranger followed by the white ranger. While my mother always used to be the pink ranger, Mr. Oliver." She said simply. As she held up her ring showing an embedded white stone showing the Native American symbol of the raven in it. "You?" Olivia nodded her head slightly as she quietly rubbed her side. "Your welcome I saved you and your son's life." She looked at her watch on her wrist and tapped something on there. "Joan if you please?" Shortly after that, they were teleported into the makeshift ob center. "Tell me what is all of this about?"

Olivia walked over to the screen and showed all former power rangers even showing Kat Oliver on there as well too. "One day I was outside training for my final ranking in the black belt when a strange woman showed up. Who I later learned is Joan over there Mr. Oliver my mother gave me the raven stone and went along with everyone on that list on some mission for Joan's mother. On my birthday as my mother was traveling on her way back home her car was attacked and blown up. With reports saying she died in the car. When what really happened was she was captured by a brainwashed person known to Joan over there as mother or well a better term is the creator." She said simply. "Ever since then the others have gone missing who I wouldn't be shocked to find out they have been brained washed as well." She said looking at him. "So either Joan's creator or my ex just helped to take everyone here as well as my wife if not both?" Olivia nodded her head slightly. "Yes, as well as my mother gave me a request before she went on this mission you might be able to help me with while I get a team together if you don't mind that is?" Tommy looked at her like she was standing there like a lost child. "And what is that?" Olivia smiled softly. "She said if anything happened to her to take the stone and to go find him and whatever team he is working with." Tommy blinked slightly. "Who?" Olivia sighed softly. "My guess is my father she never said his name to me just called him your father. And she never told him about me to protect all of us so I couldn't have been used against him."

Tommy blinked slightly. "Your mother was dating someone when she left angel grove leaving me behind for the Olympics." Olivia walked over to a chair and sat down. "My mother left for it but shortly after she got settled and into trying to train she found out she was pregnant with me." Tommy just stood there staring at Olivia for the first time as if some part of what she was saying might have started to click into place. "Why didn't your mother say something when we saved her from being brained washed last time?" Olivia looked up. "She said father moved on and she didn't want to hurt him." Tommy clenched his fists before he muttered under his break. "What about now Kim?" Olivia turned away from the screen to look at him. "Hmm?" Tommy took a calming breath before he spoke. "Nothing um do you think they will go after my son?" Olivia shook her head slightly. "I shouldn't think so the group seems to be going after only the power rangers. But the sooner I can take these guys out and save them all the more likely your son will remain safe." Tommy nodded his head slightly. "Alright. You do have a team right and not just you?" Olivia sighed softly. "Right now it's just me and your out of shape old man." She said with a slight smirk. Tommy glared at her before he shook his head slightly. "Maybe but at least I can still defend myself."

Olivia shook her head slightly as she walked away and Joan looked at Tommy. "She's your daughter isn't she?" Tommy sighed softly. "Maybe." He said walking back to the board to stare at his old friends. There was a loud thud as Olivia hit the ground and screamed in pain as she held her stomach. Tommy turned and ran over to Olivia. "What's wrong?" He noticed there was a black ink like stain coming from the wound that Olivia got the night before. "Joan, can you help her?" He asked turning to see Joan in the doorway. "No I can't she is becoming black now, in other words, she has gotten a firebrand. She will become evil like all the others that came before her." Tommy looked at her stunned. "What are you talking about?" Joan smirked darkly. "I have tried to find a new host of the Raven and all have fallen into darkness." She snapped her fingers and those who had fallen came walking out. "She will soon be one of us we are the Psycho Time Rangers and you are out of time." They said all at the same time as they moved in to pick up Olivia. Tommy pulled out his gun as he stood in front of Olivia. "No, I'm not." He said simply before shooting the ground and quickly turned around and picked up Olivia as they quickly walked out as the others picked themselves up to go after them. "Come on stay with me here Olivia." He said as they made there way out into the sunlight. "We're going to have to find someplace to stay safe." Olivia looked at him. "Bulk and Skull." Tommy looked at Olivia funny before he kept on making there way on the street.

It wasn't long after that they found a ride that Olivia saw who it was riding. "Spike we need to see your grand and uncle." Spike nodded his head slightly. "Yeah hop on you okay Oli?" Olivia smiled weakly. "Just take us there Ike." Spike laughed as his friends got Olivia and Tommy on bikes and they drove away. "Ranger business again?" Olivia weakly spoke. "Yeah." She said before she passed out. She didn't wake up again until she was lying on a bed with four faces around her. "Oh." She said softly as she sat up slowly. "Thank you." She said looking at Tommy. Tommy just nodded his head slightly. "Joan if that is her real name will come for you and me again." Olivia nodded her head slightly. "That's why I asked Bulk and Skull to keep something safe for me." She said with a smile as she looked at Bulk "You did, didn't you?" Bulk nodded his head slightly. "We did." He left the room and came back with a box and set it next to Olivia. "What is it?" Olivia opened up the box and pulled out a small looking version of the time flyer. "A flyer or well better yet a time ship." She said simply as she stood up with the help of Bulk and went to the door when Joan's force came through. "Oh, Olivia come on out and join your mother dearest please." She said simply as she held her stomach. Before Olivia could answer he looked at Bulk and Skull who all seemed to mentally agree on something. "You go we will buy you time." Tommy headed towards the door when Olivia spoke. "Thanks.... dad." She said simply before all three men stopped and looked at her. "You knew?"

Olivia smiled softly. "It wasn't hard to put two and two together with my name and time frame. My full name is Olivia Tammy Heart if you switch it and go for the male version of my middle name is Tommy." She said with a slight smirk. "You three better hurry." Tommy, Bulk, and Skull nodded their heads as they headed out leaving Olivia with the time ship. "Sorry, Joan this is where it ends for you." She said putting the ship down and pressing a button making it go full sized as she opened it and climbed inside. She started to press button's as she tried to ignore the fighting going on outside. Olivia was getting ready to press the button when Joan and the psycho rangers rushed in. "I will not let you win Olivia I don't want it to go back like it was." Olivia looked into Joan's eyes and emotionlessly spoke to her. "Sorry, Joan this game ends here." She said before she sent her ship into the past as she let the onboard medical system try and heal her. She closed her eyes for a brief moment before she found her self-landed in the past and she got out of her ship with her gun ready. The first thing she noticed was she wasn't in angel grove anymore as she made her way towards the small house her mother, grandmother, and grandfather current lived. She walked towards the house when she saw Joan walking towards the house.

Olivia stayed low as she got closer towards her. She was hiding behind a hedge as Joan knocked on the door and waited. Joan looked around behind her before she looked back at the door that's when Olivia made her move. She popped out from behind the hedge and pointed her gun at Joan. "I will not let you do this Joan by the order of the Time Native Rangers I hear by ordering you to drop the letter and put your hands up and back up slowly. Joan dropped the letter and put her hands up as she turned and smirked darkly at Olivia. "So the little bitch has shown up in the past I wondered if you ever would. Pink come and deal with this unruly bird please." Olivia turned her head to see the Psycho pink ranger walk towards her with her gun drawn. "Crap." Olivia muttered when the front door opened and Kimberly Hart stood there with a gun in her hands. "Someone tell me what's going on here?" Joan went to open her mouth when Olivia turned and glared sharply at her. "Joan if you ever want to walk again you will shut your mouth." Joan kept her mouth shut as Kimberly kept her gun on her. Olivia walked up to the psycho pink ranger. "Go sleep and let me fix your fate." She said right before she shot the psycho pink ranger.

"I didn't think you had it in you, Olivia?" Olivia turned and glared at Joan before she walked up to her and punched her in the face. "Shut up already." She pulled out a bandage and handed it to Kimberly. "Is that a thing? She asked her as Olivia dragged Joan into the room with Kimberly's mother came in with duct tape. "Yes though right now I am trying to fix what Joan did to me and my friend's by messing up our timelines." She said simply "We're going to have to go back to Angel Grove with you Kimberly." Kimberly shook her head slightly. "I can't." She said simply as she placed a hand on her stomach. Oliva placed a hand on her shoulders. "You can you just have to be brave and tell him about the baby yourself." Kimberly looked up. "How did you know? I have been trying to tell him but he hasn't gotten my letters or showing up here either." Olivia looked at her. "Your letters or calls aren't getting to him because Joan doesn't want them too." Olivia dragged Joan out to the car and shoved her into the back seat and got into the front seat. Kimberly got in to drive as they drove back to Angel Grove. "I don't know about this Olivia." Olivia just smiled softly at her. "Trust me it will be okay." They spent very little talking as they drove through sometimes Joan would speak up and Olivia would turn around and tell her to shut up or she will shoot her in the head.

Tommy Oliver stood on the beach looking out at the water seems to be lost in his own thoughts. "He's back there again in his own mind rereading that letter." Kat said as the others nodded their heads as they turned as a car pulled up and Kimberly Hart got out of the car with Olivia dragging Joan out with her. Kimberly stopped and looked at everyone before she quietly nodded her head slightly before she walked past them and went towards Tommy. Kat opened her mouth to speak when Olivia spoke for her. "She never sent that letter to him." She said before she looked at there confused faces. "Time Native Ranger." She said simply. "Just trying to fix what this full messed up. Olivia stood there watching as Tommy and Kimberly talked before they hugged each other. That was when Joan broke free with a hidden knife and she heard what Joan whispered before the knife went into her. "This is where your story ends Olivia." She said right before she stabbed Olivia in the stomach letting Olivia drop to the ground when the others turned towards Joan who was still holding the bloody knife in her hands. "Your story ends here Olivia." She said with a dark smirk that went from a smirk to horror as Olivia shot Joan in the stomach sending her flying backward embedding her head into a branch of a tree. "OLIVIA!" She could hear Kimberly's voice as she looked up at the faces of the rangers. She saw Kimberly and Tommy standing beside each other and she smiled before she passed out.

Olivia groaned and muttered to her self. "I feel like I been stabbed." She placed her hands on the cold table and opened her eyes into the face of Alpha. "Did you heal me?" Alpha looked at her. "I have only stopped the bleeding for now but your life is ending." Olivia sighed softly. "No its starting over again." She said with a smile before she tried to stand up. She turned towards the door when the rangers and Kimberly walked in. Kimberly gave her a tight hug and Olivia winced with that. "Thank you, Olivia, if you didn't tell me what happened I don't know what I would have done." Olivia smiled softly. "I am just happy you and Tommy now knows the truth sooner rather than later." Everyone looked at her funny. "Because of Joan a lot of bad things had happened to the former Rangers and of Kat over there as well too." Kat looked at her. "Who was Joan anyway in your time period?" Olivia sighed softly. "I can't answer you on that because she broke the time laws and went back and messed with time herself. All I did was go back and set it right for myself and my team." She looked down at her self as she noticed she was starting to fade in and out. "Time is catching up." She looked at Tommy and Kimberly. "I hope you two make of go of it and for that baby too." Tommy blinked slightly. "Baby, what baby?" Kimberly glared at Olivia before she looked at Tommy. "I'm pregnant I been pregnant since about the time I left." She looked at Olivia. "Wait your?" She placed a hand on her stomach. Olivia smiled at her. "I am the Time Native Ranger White Raven the daughter of the former white ranger and the former pink ranger. That is who I am but I am also Olivia Tamara Hart but now I can be Olivia Tamara Oliver." She bowed as she vanished from sight. "Wow." Someone muttered as Kimberly and Tommy left to talk in quiet as they left. No one noticed the white raven sitting there watching them as they left it behind.
They say traveling through time can be a good thing or a bad thing. No one talks about the heartache it can cause you when you stand there facing either your mom or dad and have to keep your mouth zipped about who you are. I had to do just that and it hurt not getting revenge against not only my father but mostly Barry Allen for his crime that caused your father to hurt you. But I shall tell you something though people have gone missing who or what has taken them I don't know but I must find out. You can call me Doctor Hera or just Hera the rest of my name you shall find out in my story sorry that's just how it will have to be.

A girl with blondish brown hair with a couple streaks of pink in it walked out of a small spacecraft that looked nothing like the one the reverse flash used it was more like it was thrown together almost. The girl turned and looked back at the ship as a part of the side fell off and she groaned. "Great something else I have to fix on top of that." She kicked it a few times just to make herself feel better when she heard a low voice. "What are you doing in my city?" She turned and looked at the Green Arrow and his little band of friends. She didn't say anything for a moment as she looked at the Green Arrow and sighed softly. "Oh good, you're not the dumb ass from my time period good." She said simply as she got some funny looks from some people. "Lady you can't just say you're from the future or another planet either for that matter." She laughed softly. "Right well I'm sure Oliver Queen you can have Over Watch aka Felicity Smoak your girlfriend call the Flash aka Barry Allen and have the team of Star Lab's check out the parts of my ship. While I try to solve the crime of the century in my time." She said right before she held out her hands to be cuffed. "Just no testing my DNA." She said with a wag of her finger.

Oliver just stood there and stared at her before he grabbed a zip tie and tied her hands up. "And your name?" Hera smirked. "You can call me either Doctor Hera or Hera I answer to both. And before anyone asks yes I do have a last name." She said simply that they all stood there stood there looking at her waiting for her to say it. When she didn't Rene stood there tapping his foot with his gun still pointed at her. "And your last name is?" Hera just smirked at him before she answered him. "Go find your self a milk bone to chew on Rene you really should learn how to heel." She shook her head slightly and before anyone could ask her anything Barry showed up as the Flash. Barry was still trying to look blurry as Hera turned and looked at him as she easily snapped the cuff's off her wrists and put her hands on her wrists. "Really that's so lame even when Wally or the other speedsters do this to me and those three know better." She said simply as she got a rather shocked look on their faces. "Yes I know who you are Flash or should I say Barry Allen about the look of everyone you're either married to or not yet to Iris West am I correct?" Barry just mutely nodded his head as John Diggle chuckled softly. "That's one way to shut him up?" Hera looked at him. "So I can make you quiet by threating to shoot your son in my time period that is." She said simply and when John opened his mouth to speak Hera spoke up. "I come from about 30 some years in the future seeking help and time to figure out what's going on."

Oliver sighed softly. "I don't trust you." Hera rolled her eyes. "No big shocker there Kermit the Frog." She said simply as Oliver glared at her as the others kind of snickered around her. "What's going on in the future of this earth affects the others as well so you might want to get Kara Danvers, Clark Kent, and Gypsy as well as Over Watch too. Or do I need to call Kara, Clark, and Overwatch by there other names I know them as?" She asked rubbing her wrist where her tattoo is. "Oh, also we need John Constance and your sister Thea Queen as well." She turned and looked at Barry Allen still rubbing her tattoo. "Star Lab's will be the best place it will be more roomy for this talk and I have proof you can trust me. I was told to give it to no one but Isis Allen-West her self." Barry looked at her. "Who told you to give it to Iris?" Hera smiled softly. "Iris herself." Everyone stood there watching this whole thing some of them were rather confused about the whole thing. "Why did they send you back when someone else with a higher IQ could have already figured this whole thing out?" Hera turned and glared darkly at Oliver that he had to take a step back from the look in her eyes. He did notice that she was pressing her thumb into her tattoo on her wrist. "I have a higher IQ than you small minded flea. With more doctorates under my name, it seem's almost laughable. Now can we go before I forget my self and kill him where he stands Mr. Allan?" She asked finally turning to look at him. Barry picked her up as he ran off with her as Barry ran he felt like Hera was trying to keep back the tears from falling.

Barry stopped and set Hera down outside of Starlab's. "Are you alright?" Hera looked at him. "I'm fine." She said simply as they walked in together. Cisco, Katelyn, Iris, Joe, Wally, Harry, and Julian was already there. Barry looked at Hera. "Go ahead but if you hurt her you know I...." Hera looked at him with a rather annoyed look. "I didn't write it Iris's future self-did." She reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a folded envelope and walked over and handed it to Iris. "From your future self." She said simply before she looked at Barry. "If you want to lock me up until the others are here I will understand." Barry opened his mouth to ask her a question when Iris spoke up. "Why didn't I send the twins to the past?" Hera looked at her. "A couple reason's one being you didn't want to lose your babies until whatever this is taking them from you. And two you know me in my time period and know the group I work with that's connected to the Justice League of America." She said simply standing there with her hands behind her back. "They are the modern version of the Justice Society of America." She said simply as she looked at her. "You yourself Mrs. Allen-West was one of the first to show and donate your support to my group The Protectors." Julian blinked slightly. "The Protectors seem a little far-fetched for those other groups to work with." Hera turned and looked at him. "Since my group was created by a child of one of the founding members of the Justice League of America it's showed respect by a lot of the founding members but my own father." She said sounding a little displeased by the whole thing. "Besides there is also the Dark Justice League as well and there all magic users."

Barry looked at Hera. "You know you might be changing the future now just speaking?" Hera looked at him "The speed force who we thought might be behind our issue told me personally and my team it wasn't them its someone or something else. They agreed to not to send the black flash or anything after me as long as I don't say my full name. And I'm only to say it if I have to as in a life or death but if your team, Olivers, of Supergirls teams need help I can help you." She turned and looked at the elevator and noticed John had gotten his wife as well as the rest of Team Arrow as well too. Lyla walked in and pointed a gun right at Hera. "Why do you want to kill my son before I kill you." Right before their eyes, Hera's eyes changed they became bluer and looked like she was seeing everything around her in a new way as the gun in Lyla in her hand started to come apart and fall to the ground in pieces. Once there was no more gun in Lyla's hands Hera bent forward trying to catch her breath as she looked up there were blood tears falling down her eyes. "Sorry." She said sounding a little breathy as she wiped the blood tears from her face. "I guess the seal on my powers is starting to fray." She said simply as Barry and John helped her into the main area and onto one of the bed's. "I sealed up my metahuman powers years ago." Katelyn came over and started to check her out. "Why did you because of the pain and the bleeding?" Hera laughed softly. "No my father beside I'm a metahuman to non-meta-human parents."

Katelyn checked Hera over. "You appear fine but I should really run some blood tests." Hera shook her head slightly. "No." She shook her head slightly as Katelyn shrugged her shoulders and walked off. "I don't want to kill your son in this time period Mrs. Diggle." Hera said after a moment as she sat up on the bed "Your son in my time period is the one I am going to kill. How hard is it for someone to understand that by order 30456 the leader of the Protectors is in charge of all group's of hero's until such time whatever took down the JLA and DJLA can be reinstated back into their command posts?" She said looking at the other woman. "Even though I am younger than him he thinks he should have been put in charge instead." John chuckled softly. "Maybe my son likes you?" Hera rolled her eyes. "You sound like Darcy and Olivia." She said with a shake of her head. "Your teammates?" Barry asked. "Yes with Olivia as my sister and Darcy is my cousin." She looked at Lyra as she got out of the bed and walked towards her. She bent down and whispered something into Lyra's ear as she stepped back and stood up Lyra had a rather shocked look on her face. "Who told you that?" Hera smiled softly. "You did before you vanished after your husband vanished because of whatever this is." Lyra blinked slightly before she shook her head when her husband asked her whats wrong.

Super Girl walked through the portal and looked at Barry. "Can you help we can't find Superman anywhere." Barry shook his head slightly. "I can help." Hera said simply as she looked at everyone. "What I been training to fight since I was six years old and my father cut me out of his life." Some of the people looked at her then. "Sorry." Hera rolled her eyes slightly. "It's no biggy anymore if I could get away with it right now I would kill him here and now before he breaks my young heart. But since my mother isn't pregnant or married yet I really can't-do that now can I?" Barry shook his head slightly. "If your team shows up should we let you know?" Hera nodded her head slightly. "Yes, my team minus the twins there not allowed by the speed force to travel back in time because of you Barry. But if they do ask for Olivia they may or may not come in their hero costumes. If she's not there and she should be asked to speak to Lucy and keep Constance from doing anything to her please." She shook her head slightly. "Let's just say when you see Lucy in her true form you will all understand." Hera turned and looked at Super Girl aka Kara Danvers. "It's a pleasure to meet your younger self Ms. Danvers or should I say, Kara Zor-El you can call me Hera or Doctor Hera for the time being." Kara looked from Hera to Barry. "How does she know my name?"

Before Barry can open his mouth to speak Hera spoke up. "The issue my earth is currently having yours has had already had you came to ours for help finding us with the same issue of people vanishing without a trace. But as I don't think that is what happens to Clark he should be easy enough to locate. Besides I might be able to pick someone's brain about what could cause people vanishing without a trace." Kara sighed softly. "You mean Lena Luthor don't you?" Hera nodded her head slightly. "We can ask her." Hera nodded her head slightly in agreement. "Thank you." She said simply before she followed Kara towards the portal that Cisco just opened. "Good luck." He said as Hera and Kara walked through it together. Once it was closed Oliver looked down at Felicity who had been quietly watching Hera. "What?" Felicity looked up at him. "She reminds me some of me during my other life choice and of you as well Oli." She said simply with a slight shake of her head. "Though too bad we couldn't get a sample of her blood to test though." Oliver nodded his head slightly as he looked at Barry. "Looks like the girls left you behind Barry." He said with a chuckle as Barry shrugged his shoulders over the whole thing. "Oh well." Was all he said while they waited a bit.

Kara and Hera walked out of the portal on the other side now on Kara's earth aka Earth 38 when Hera looked at the people staring at her. "Oh hello, J'onn." She said looking him in the eyes as she held out her hand to him. J'onn blinked slightly as he looked at her before he took her hand and shook it. "It's nice to meet you so that's how you know me." He nodded his head slightly before he let go of her hand. "Any help we can give you on this earth Doctor Hera we will give you and you have my word on that." Hera nodded her head slightly with a smile. "Thank you, I hope my brain didn't fry yours out?" She asked before laughing softly as J'onn joined in as well. "No, it's fine. You are a force to mess with in that department I take it?" Hera smirked softly. "Yes, well for someone with an IQ of over 500 without her powers turned on I have taken on those who think they can outsmart me." She said with a smirk. "And they always fall to their knee's when they learn otherwise." While Hera was talking with J'onn no one but a breeze told that Kara had left the room. Kara came back now dressed as Kara Danvers and walked up beside Hera. "When you're ready." Hera looked at Kara and then back at J'onn. "Depending on the threat is we may need your help on taking it on. As well as keep an eye out for anyone who vanishes anywhere on earth even in this very room if you don't mind?" J'onn bowed his head. "We will." Hera walked out of the room with Kara.

They took a taxi and took the elevator up to Lena's office. "Ah, Kara they told me you were here with a guess and you are Miss?" Lena asked looking at Hera. Hera smiled softly at her. "I'm Doctor Hera and I was hoping for your help Miss Luthor." Lena motioned for them to sit down as Lena noticed that the door on her office closed on its own. "Odd." Hera looked at her. "Sorry but what I have to say Kara already knows about from Supergirl when I asked her for her help and yours as well too." Lena blinked slightly. "And that is?" Hera pulled out a small device out of her pocket and turned it on. It showed multi earths with one of them with a red dot that says you are here. "I'm from thirty-some years in the future and something or someone is causing people from all the earth's in the multiverse. Where different version's of everyone live on each one. I'm from the earth known to us as Prime Earth or Earth one because of the speedster known as the Flash but it's his other name that is why it's known as Prime Earth and not one of the other numbers." She said simply. "Because of something or someone, not even the smartest person knows what is the cause behind it. But people are vanishing from sight with no pile of dust or anything left behind to give us a clue behind any of this." Lena blinked slightly. "Did you try and ask my older self for help?" Hera nodded her head slightly.

"There was a meeting of minds from all the earths that still had people left on them. We felt like we were close to an answer when the lights when out and when they came back on only one person was left there." Lena blinked slightly "I would like to speak to them." She said simply. "You are Miss Luther," Hera said simply. Lena blinked slightly. "Alright then can I see the findings maybe I can help finish it up some?" Hera nodded her head slightly before she pressed another button on the small device and showed all the findings in Lena's handwriting first. Lena took a few minutes to read over it before she opened her mouth. "If I get what my older self-was talking about she believes its either Brainiac or something called Speed Force does this make any sense to you?" Hera nodded her head slightly before she stood up and turned the device off and pocketed it. "Thank you hopefully, things stay the course now on how things are going to turn out for my self and my friends." Lena shook Hera's hand. "Good Luck Doctor." Hera smiled softly. "Thanks again." She turned and stepped outside in case Kara needed to speak to Lena alone. Hera stepped out and noticed it was rather quiet. She walked up to a window and noticed something streaking threw wearing black. "Oh frack." She turned and ran back into Lena's office to the surprise to both women. "We have to move now." Kara looked at Hera than. "Why?" Hera went to open her mouth when something sped into the room with them sending Hera to the ground.

Hera looked up at the ground and saw the Black Flash standing there before them seeing mindless. "The deal was made go back your not to harm me or anyone until I solve the problem of people vanishing." This kind of dry cracking voice of a male came from the Black Flash. "People go. People must go so masters say." Before he ran towards Lena or Kara. Superman rushed in sending Black Flash flying backward he turned and looked at Lena and Kara. "You two alright?" The girls nodded before he looked at Kara. "Your friend Jonathan freed me. He said your team will be on Earth one and waiting for you." Hera stood up and looked at him. "We need to go now before he gets up." They headed to the window and jumped onto the ship that Alex Danvers had hovering outside the window. "GO!." Hera stood next to Superman when they saw the Black Flash standing outside the window roaring. "Who's his controller?" Lena asked once they were some away. "The Speed force it self-controls it. Normally if a speedster messes with time too much and is evil they send him after them. Not normal people or a non-speedster but I am a metahuman." She said looking kind of sad saying it. "I turned my powers off." She said simply before she looked at them. "I guess it's about time I turn them back on and kick their asses back to the stone age." She said with a wicked smirk. "Or try anyway." She said with a laugh as they got back to the D.O.E. Once they got off the ship Alex looked at Kara. "Is she behind this?" Alex was talking about Hera being the cause. Kara shook her head slightly. "I don't think she's lying but she's not telling the whole truth on something I better go become you know who." Alex nodded her head as she looked at Lena. "I'm going to put my sister somewhere safe do you want to hide out or help?"

Lena looked over at Alex. "I like to help." Alex nodded as they walked around the corner when Supergirl walked back around the corner. Hera didn't look up "All those going to prime earth should grab what they're going to take." She was typing away on the computer. "I'm putting out a message for everyone that will repeat in a loop." She said simply before she handed the mic to Supergirl. "You and Superman are the voices of this earth." Supergirl looked at Superman and they nodded in quiet agreement before they both spoke first one and then the other one. "This is Superman and Supergirl asking all of earth to hunker down and avoid going outside as much as possible until the current threat to all the people of earth has been stopped. We ask all those with powers to protect those who can't protect themselves. Right now there is no good or evil there is only survive and keep each other and all safe. We ask the villain's to put aside your evil ways until this threat has been stopped. This is the time where good and evil of hero's and villains must stand side by side and fight to protect everyone on earth. When it's all clear we shall sound the alarm and as a reward give the villains at least an hour head start thank you." They hung up and looked at Hera. "Is that really a smart thing?" Hera nodded her head slightly.

"Yes and good you can join us, Batman." She said looking at the man standing in the shadow's watching them. "It's clear this is not your doing is this the red speedsters doing then." Hera shook her head slightly. "No, but it's time we go I'm sorry about what you will learn from my team." Supergirl pulled out the device and Hera, J'onn, Superman, Batman, and Supergirl with a quiet nod between Supergirl and Alex as Supergirl vanished from sight through the portal. Lena looked at Alex. "Is there something between you and Supergirl?" Alex gave Lena a funny look while someone there started to softly chuckle until someone smacked them upside their head for that. "No." Was Alex's statement and went about checking on things and throwing out orders. "Let's make sure we can hold off if that creature or creatures try to break in or even makes it into the building." She said simply.

They made it through the portal and Hera saw the rather annoyed look on most of their faces. "People are vanishing here as well now to aren't they?" She asked with Felicity nodding her head slightly. "Yes they are my mother was on the phone when she vanished. And Joe was in the building with us when he vanished as well to what's going on." She asked just as Barry Allan walked in with a bunch of young superheroes as well as what looked like his mother. "Thank you, Barry, for bringing my team here or do I have the speed force to thank over that?" Hera looked at the speed force. "Why aren't you stopping the Black Flash?" The woman looked at Hera. "We thought we could regain control but he has not only become aware but even our time wraiths are starting to go out of control now. Our deal still stands once everyone is back on their earths." Hera nodded her head slightly as she held out her hand to the human body of the speed force and they shook hands and they both stepped back. "It seems a bit like brainiacs doing but he shouldn't be able to affect your people." She blinked slightly. "Lucy where's your dad?" She turned and looked at the young girl dressed in all black with semi-long black hair. "Dad said it was better if he stayed in his club with mother and big sister." Hera opened her mouth to say something and shook her head slightly. "Yeah, one Satan per earth." Hera's team started to laugh softly with others looking a little confused. "Sister, do you think John is behind this? You know how he got before all this happened when you shot him in the hand last month."

Hera looked at her sister and sighed. "But would that idiot really make a deal with some evil force..." She stood still for a moment as something hit her and she stomped her foot as some people looked at her funny. "What?" Julian asked her first. "We found last month about the time I shot him in the hand an old stone tablet that seemed to have been lost to history. I shot him in the hand when he tried to pick it up and I asked him before that happened to not to." Hera's sister laughed softly. "Yeah, John was shocked you did it and gave you a lot of threats until your husband threatens to slit his throat if he didn't shut up." Hera gave her sister a dirty look before she looked away from a slightly shocked Julian. "There might have been an evil spirit or something in the stone." The human speed force form spoke up. "What did it say." Hera looked at her. "It said something about freeing the d. The rest was worn to the part that not even a rubbing was helping to clear it enough so I could read it or anyone else for that matter. I guess by the look on your face you know of this tablet. The speed force nodded her head "Yes we thought we made sure it was lost to time it was a deal that was made between us the speed force and Satan aka Lucifer himself."  John Constance walked into the room smoking. "Things are never that simple with the devil."

Hera looked at him. "True though no one ever thought he would fall in love with a human and have children with her by my time but he does." John Constance looked at her funny. "Yes Satan himself is in the human realm falling in love with a human." Lucy giggled softly watching John's face over the whole thing. "Yes, she will see his true form's." John Constance looked at the girl. "And how do you know this?" Lucy looked first at Hera who nodded her head slightly. Lucy looked back at him. "My name is Lucy Morningstar the daughter of Lucifer Morningstar aka Satan aka the devil." She said simply before off-white angel wings appeared behind her back as black horns appeared on her head as well as her eyes started to glow bright red. "You're lucky you're so cute Johnny boy." She winked at him before she turned into her human form again. John Constance cleared his throat then. "Alright, you all saw that didn't you?" Thea put a hand over her mouth as she giggled over his reaction. John Constance winked at her as Oliver rolled his eyes. "The rest of you so we can move on into solving this whole thing." Some of the girls laughed. "Uncle never changes." Thea looked over at the one girl with blonde hair wearing a black tank top that showed off her shoulders wearing combat boots. She was standing next to another girl with black hair wearing a British schoolgirl outfit but with a magician's hat on. "I'm Darcy Constance and this is my half-sister Anna Constance my mother is Thea Queen." Zata spoke up softly. "My mother is Zatanna and me and Darcy both have magic in your blood."

Thea just stood there trying not to blush. "I guess Darcy isn't Speedy then?" Darcy shook her head slightly. "No." Oliver stood there glaring at John Constance. A boy with short black hair and thick black glasses that looked like a younger version of Clark Kent spoke up. "I'm Johnation Jor-El Kent and I'm sure you know who mom is?" He asked looking Superman who rubbed the back of his head. "Yes." He muttered softly. Two girls that stood next to him giggled they both had shades of blonde hair where you can tell one was slightly older than the other one. But they both had Mon-El's dark eyes and his smirk on their lip's. "Where Alura and Lara Matthews were the daughters of Kara and Mon-El bringing together two alien races." Kara blushed softly. "But Mon-El is missing." The girls looked at each other and smiled softly. "You will see dad soon enough where sure enough." A black boy stood off to the side watching everyone with a sigh. "I'm Jo the son of green and white martian." He said simple looking at J'onn and just simply bowed his head at the man. A young boy of about eight spoke up. "I'm Thomas Alfred Wayne." He said waving at Batman. "Oh, the twins are back home Hera." Hera sighed softly. "The twins where spoke of are the children of Iris Allen-West and Barry Allen." She said simply as a young man with blonde hair walked up beside Olivia and put his arm around her neck. "I'm Simon Kyle the son of Catwoman." Olivia elbowed him in his side. "Dear?" Simon gave Olivia a rather annoyed look before he muttered. "And Bruce Wayne too."

Hera rolled her eyes at the two. "Don't make me get a water hose for you, Simon." She said simply as she got a hiss back at him. "Sister?" Olivia muttered something in his ear and he started to behave himself then. Hera turned and glared at the young man with short cropped hair having a sword strapped to his back and a shield at his side. "Woman you should behave." He said with a wicked grin on his face. Hera turned and flicked him hard on his nose. "Your turn pretty boy." He grinned at that before he looked at them. "I'm Angel Trevor I'm the son of Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor." He bent his head and kissed Hera on her cheek and she shooed him away. "Shoo, I'm working." She said not all that sternly and he chuckled over it. Hera turned and looked at her sister. "Before we do ours did you bring it?" Olivia pulled out a needle filled with neon blue liquid. "If you turn them back on Hera there is no way you can turn them off again." Hera was quiet before she took the cap off the needle. "I am who I am because of what I did Olivia." She said right before she put the needle in her arm and plunged the liquid into her system. No one moved as they watched Hera's eyes started to glow and she started to twitch before she fell to the ground and curled up in a ball. "Isn't anyone going to do anything for her?" Felicity asked as she stood next to Oliver as she watched Hera's team not move an inch as they watched her. "Your her friend even family and you let her do this to her self why?" No one answered her and Felicity moved towards her when Olivia stopped her. "Don't please just wait." She said simply. "I'm Olivia Emerald Kyle or well it used to be Olivia Emerald Queen I am the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak." She pointed at Simon Kyle. "The naughty cat there is my husband."

Felicity blinked slightly. "I guess Olivia is for Over Watch?" Olivia giggled softly. "Yes, and Emerald is for Green." She said simply as Hera started to move slightly. "Are you alright?" She asked as Hera stood up slowly and blinked slightly as she looked at everyone slowly. Her eyes are glowing bright blueish green before she closed her eyes and muttered. "Fine." She said simply before she opened her eyes and they were back to normal she took a deep breath before she opened her mouth and spoke. "I'm Doctor Hera Trevor." She turned and went to walk away when Angel Trevor pulled out a golden lasso and swirled it and lassoed Hera and pulled her back to his side. "Tell them your full name Hera or so help me I will take you over my knee and spank you among other things." She blushed from the top of her ears to the tip of her toes. "Fine, I will get back for this later Angel." She said simply before she looked at them. "My maiden name is Doctor Hera Thea Queen I'm Olivia's older sister. And this idiot who has me lassoed in the lasso of truth he 'borrowed' from his mom is my husband now can you let me go before I can think of more punishments for you?" Angel removed the lasso and clipped it to his hip as Hera turned and walked away. "Am I really that bastard you spoke off Hera?" Hera turned and as her eyes glowed brightly as she looked at him. "Yes." She turned and walked away from the group then. Oliver blinked slightly as he looked at Olivia. "Why would I turn away from a child?"

Olivia patted Oliver on his arm. "Dad, I don't know why but I know you use to boast about how smart Hera is. Mom would say you would boast about it since me and she was babies. That from the moment he was placed in your arms you knew Hera could do anything she set her mind to." Angel and Simon laughed softly. "Hera scares people with how smart she is and how deadly she can be." Angel's grin grew wider. "My wife could be an Amazon warrior so my grandmother says and she is a goddess after all." Thomas chuckled softly. "Didn't Nyssa say she could have taken her father on either with her powers or not?" The children seemed to think about it for a moment before Alura and Lara spoke. "She did though that's a fight I think we would all like to see." Chuckles and quiet agreement went through all the children before Hera walked back. "Jr has shown up everyone should suit up now." She said simply as she took Olivia's arm and walked off. Oliver went to say something but he overheard Hera say softly. "I just threw up from that shot." Oliver looked at Felicity. "It doesn't matter the reason from here on out but if we marry and have kids Felicity does me a favor and shoot me if I emotionally withdraw from our children." Felicity patted his arm with her hand. "First thing's first we have to save the earth's Oliver." She leaned up and kissed him on the lips briefly. "You better suit up I will be here helping out." Oliver nodded his head slightly before he walked away to go change. Felicity looked down at her stomach and placed her hands on it. "Me possibly a mom." She blinked slightly before she shook her head slightly from those thoughts as she headed towards the computers.

Everyone changed into their superhero outfits everyone but Hera was out there. Oliver looked over at Olivia. "Where's your sister?" He asked simply as Olivia glanced around and blinked slightly. "I don't know." Oliver blinked slightly as they got closer. "Kid hand over the tablet and no one will get hurt." John Diggle Jr stood there dressed like the green arrow and was still holding the stone tablet. Jr looked up and blinked slightly looking at everyone. "I can't." He said before he looked down at the stone and his voice changed to a more darker voice. "You will have to kill us to get it. Now my army go forth and rid this earth of everyone." A bunch of shadow like creatures came out of the woodwork so to speak behind Jr. "Kill them all." The shadow creatures started to run at the team as they aimed their weapon's before the creatures vanished from sight as blue arrows took them out. The heroes of this time period blinked looking up in the darkness and saw noting unless they were Superman, Supergirl, and their future children that is. "JOHN DIGGLE JR YOU HAVE DISHONORED THE ARROW FAMILY AND THE GREEN ARROW OF OUR TIME PERIOD!" They could hear Hera's voice boom out before she jumped down and landed with an arrow drawn and pointed at Jr's head. "Above all else, you have failed this city." She said it all coldly as Jr turned and went to hit Hera with the stone tablet on the head. But she was too quick for him as she dropped the bow and grabbed the stone tablet and kicked him hard in the stomach.

Jr flew towards the hero's before he dropped to the ground out cold. "Be glad I didn't kill him, John, besides I'm sure when we go back he will face a far worse punishment." She said with a rather wicked grin on her lips. Olivia ran over and hugged her sister. "Okay smartie pants what are we going to do about that thing?" Hera sighed softly as she picked up her bow and hooked it to her. She walked towards Barry Allen and Wally West. "I have an idea and no one is going to like it." Wally looked at Barry and then back at Hera. "You want one of us to take it into the speed force?" Hera shook her head slightly. "No not that." She looked over briefly at her father and husband before she looked back at Barry and Wally. "I need one of you to open the portal while the other one stays here with all of them until the portal is open again and they can return to their own time period." Angel looked at his wife sharply then. "What about you?" Hera finally looked at her husband sadly. "The deal I made with the speed force was I would take it into the speed force my self to ensure its lost for all time." Oliver stood there looking pissed. "No you can't I won't let you." Hera looked at Oliver. "I'm sorry father there is more at stake than you will ever know." Angel looked at his wife clearly pissed off. "What about us women?" Olivia had tears in her eyes as she looked at her sister. "Sis I will come with you?" Simon put a hand on his wife. "We can all go." Hera shook her head slightly. "No, I'm sorry." She looked at Barry. "Let's go." Barry took her and ran back to Star Lab's and saw Felicity standing there waiting for them. "Are you sure about this Hera?" Hera nodded her head slightly and kissed Felicity on her cheek. "If you want me to be born normal you should go." Felicity shook her head slightly just as twin speedsters came in. "Don and Dawn are you both ready?"

The twins nodded their heads. "We will make sure they get home Hera don't worry." Hera smiled softly. "Thank you for my pains in the neck's." The twins chuckled softly as the three of them walked to the particle accelerator. Where the twins and Barry ran one going one way and the other group went the other way. They ran and ran until the portal opened up and Barry picked up Hera. "Good luck." And threw her into the portal. Barry and the twins stopped running just in time for the particle accelerator to break again and release threw Star Lab's and out. Inside of Star Lab's it hit Felicity Smoak hard sending her flying across the room and into a wall hard. "Ow." She said before she remained right where she was making sure she was okay before she moved. She looked up at Barry who remembered she was still inside. "Help me up, Barry." She said simply before she got up slowly off the ground. "Is Hera gone?" Barry nodded his head slightly. "Yes, Come on let's get you outside and we can take you to go be checked out okay." Felicity nodded her head slightly as the four of them left Star Lab's as Oliver and the others ran towards them. "Are you okay Felicity?" Oliver asked before he took her into his arms. "Where is Hera?" Angel looked at Barry and the twins. "She's in the speed force now isn't she?" Barry nodded his head slightly. Angel felt tears start to well in his eyes as he felt the portal open. "We should go back." He said swallowing hard as he looked at those from his time period. "Say your goodbyes." The children hugged their father's and mothers before they walked through the portal. Angel stood there for a moment and looked right at Clark Kent. "Thank you and to Lois for what you do for my brother and I. Since my mother is an Amazon and I and he is her son's." He bowed his head before he turned and walked through the portal with it closing up behind her.

Shortly thereafter Oliver took Felicity to be checked out and found out she is after all pregnant. "Are you happy Oli?" Oliver smiled at her and kissed her on the lips before he pulled back to answer her. "Yes, I am and you know I will most likely hover over you and our children." He said with a rather knowing smile. "Oh, we will have to tell William." He said with a chuckle. Cisco and Gyspy helped to send Supergirl and Superman back to their home town's on there earth. And not long after that night fell on all the earths and everyone went to bed. They went to bed not knowing that things were going to change for everyone. What they didn't know until morning that all the earths they once were on had now become one with new ones to take the place of the now gone earth's Superman, Supergirl, and Gypsy had been on as well as Harry's earth as well too. Though no one but Barry and Wally noticed the changes that went on around them. Barry stood outside Starlab's with Wally as they both looked at the sky. "They don't remember Hera and her friends either Barry what's going on here?" Barry shrugged his shoulders slightly. "I don't know but maybe it's better they don't remember their children to be." They both turned when they heard Barry's mother speak to them. "It was a gift for what Hera did for us to help her out in her own time period." Barry blinked slightly. "How did she find her way back to them?" The speed force smiled at Barry. "There is always a way Mr. Allen but it's now time for you to forget all of what you know. So you can do the right thing when the time comes Mr. Allen." Barry and Wally groaned but they knew the speed force was right over the whole thing.

Thirty-some years from now everyone headed to check on their mom's, dad's, and teammates that had vanished beforehand. Angel walked outside to see his brother Hunter and his mother Diana talking. "Mother." He said walking up to her and bowed his head. "Your both alright?" Diana asked her son's and both nodded their heads. "Angel where is Hera?" Angel told his mother what happened to his wife then. "She is lost in time and space. 
Eldoris Curry ran up to Angel with a little young girl with blonde hair. "You mean the boss is gone?" Angel nodded. "Yes, Eldoris and Kerri Curry." The sisters looked towards their mother and father. "We will help locate her." Others around in the group spoke up as well. "We will all help Angel you have our word on that." Oliver said as he walked up to him with his five younger children. "William would help find his younger sister if he was here now are you going to help Olivia and Simon?" Olivia nodded her head slightly. "She's my twin and I have that twin feeling she's still alive and out there." Simon sighed softly. "Where my wife goes I follow I am a cat after all." Thomas giggled softly. "Big brother is more like a doggy... Ow, don't hit me, Simon." He said rubbing the top of his head as he glared at his big brother. Angel smiled softly. "Where do we look?" They all stopped when they heard a voice speak. "Why not turn around Angel?" Came Hera's voice as she walked out wearing robes and was holding her stomach as well. "My clothes got a bit ripped in the speed force. But everything is now as it should be and everyone is back." She said right before she got kissed deeply by Angel. "Wow down boy." She said with a laugh. "No." Angel muttered before he kissed her again and held her tight against him.

"So what happened to the tablet?" They asked her as Angel kept a tight hold on her while she stood there looking at everyone. "I made sure its lost in time and let's leave it at that." She said with a smile before she seemed to stare off into space and a knowing smirk crossed her face as she watched Olivia walk off with Simon. She reached up and patted Angel on his cheek. "Let's go home, big boy." She said simply as they walked away from the others. They moved away when Jr spoke up. "Are you going to stop trying to use me as a human pin cushion Hera?" Hera turned and grinned darkly at him. "Jr you will always be one as that is now your faint from now until the end of time." Jr glared darkly at her. "And if I beat you in a fair fight?" Hera and Angel both cracked up laughing. "You couldn't defeat me in a fair or unfair fight shrimp so accept your fair small fry." She said simply as they walked away with Jr standing there muttering to himself. "I will get even with you Hera you will see it." He said before he walked off himself. What no one saw was Barry Allen standing there dressed in a black robe smirking to himself. "Children are still bound to fight my fight and that of their parents as well too." He turned when he heard someone speak to him. "Its how its always been since the start of time Mr. Allen." The speed force that looked like his mother stepped into Barry's eyesight. "Just like Hera and Angel's children will have to deal with Oliver's, Hera's, and Wonder Woman's past too. Come it's time we head back anyway." She said as they both vanished into a portal then.

Time can change can't it? (Arrowverse fan-fic)
This is a fan fic using the people from Arrow, Flash, & Supergirl tv shows as well as some of the comic version's as well. With a hint of Lucifer and John Constance as well to help with the mix of my crazy mind. Your very much welcome my friends.
There was a time if you asked me what I would do with the rest of my life. And I would have told you anything other than what I am about to share with you. I didn't expect people to die for me as a child or when I got older as an adult. There would people human and demon alike who would be willing to die for me. It wasn't in the card's or in the lines of my story should my mother, father, brother, and grandmother had lived. Strange to think of a goddess to be dead but she is. She died before her daughter aka my mother could have taken on the role and then later on myself would have taken on the role of the goddess of cats. But that is only just pieces and parts of the story to come. First I should tell you who I am beside the person just writing the start of this story. My name is Naku and I am known among the human's and demon's as the goddess of death. It has been my title since the day I was born and a touch from me made not only my father sick but my mother as well and anyone else I could have killed if I held on longer than I needed to. And before everyone gets up in arms about saying I killed my father and mother. Let me assure you all I wasn't the one to do it... It was my uncle who did all the slaying's and raping's from what I have gathered over the years of being alive.

I still remember the day my uncle attacked us. I was playing alone in the garden being watched by my grandmother who was visiting us. My grandmother was watching me trying to catch a butterfly that was playing let's tease the kitten. My grandmother heard the fighting and yelling as well as the screaming coming from the men and woman of our kingdom. She told me to stay close to her side as we made our way backward's towards the back exit of the garden. I remember my uncle coming into the garden with my crying mother who was covered in blood and wept for her. My mother opened her eyes and looked at me and in a slightly gravely voice tried to calm my fears. "It's okay Naku." My uncle looked at me and chuckled. "So she is the goddess of death. More like a scared little kitten who should die like her bastard father." I hissed at him still clutching my grandmother's clothes as I stay close to her. "Leave her be she is nothing more than a child and neither you or your brother are bastards I wouldn't have let my only daughter to mate with him." My uncle slapped my grandmother across her face. "Quiet Bast I am the one who is in control here."

I lost control there and launched my little kitten self right for his arm and left a huge deep gash in his arm. He went to hit me and my mother stepped in his way and she was hit so hard she died as soon as she hit the ground. Before anything else could happen Ra appeared and that was the first time I ever saw my great grandfather before. My grandmother turned and took her beloved necklace off and put it around my neck and kissed my cheek. "Run Naku I will find you later when it's safe." With that, I turned and ran out of the back exit of the garden. I ran to the family tree that dad said if anything ever happened we were to go there and wait for the rest of the family. And I sat there waiting in the tree for three days with my eyes watching my kingdom burn down to nothing. I left the tree and made my way towards a caravan that was passing through. They asked me what happened to the kingdom I told them some of what happened I lied about who I am but a kind person in the group let me stay with them. I was given a bit of food to eat while at night I cried myself to sleep thinking of my father, mother, grandmother, and great-grandfather wondering where the sun god was to leave his great granddaughter behind to walk this world alone.

I made my way in the world and it wasn't easy. I learned how to fight, how to take care of myself, and learned how to take on a human form and over time I stopped looking at the sun wanting my great-grandfather and the rest of my family. I was sixteen in human years when I found out my uncle was still alive so I trained harder. I knew one day I would end up in a fight with him and I would either kill him or die trying to do it. But years went by and the human world and demon world was divided and I remained in the human world knowing there was nothing left for me in the demon world. I lead a very quiet life in the human world and no one even after all the centuries I am alive seemed to notice or care that I never aged or die. I didn't think about it all that much until the day a group of fighters showed up outside of my home asking for someone I hadn't been known by in over 100 years or longer. I looked at Yusuke and his friend's and his wife with a rather blank look on why would they be asking for Naku the former goddess of death I invited them all in. "Can I get you some tea or something?"

Yusuke walked inside with his wife Keiko who looked like she was a week or so from giving birth. Following behind them with a short spiky black haired guy wearing a headband, a rather sexy looking red head guy or girl it was kind of hard to tell right then. There was also a guy with blondish brown hair walk in behind them all. "Keiko do you want some water?" Yusuke looked at his wife who shook her head. "We are hoping you can help us locate the tomb of Naku." Keiko said as she looked at the other woman. "We're sorry to come and ask you this Selene." Selene smiled softly as I look at them. "Naku or the goddess of Death's tome is nothing more than a hoax. It has been said that throughout time in my family and double checking for our self's. Besides what do you think you four are going to do with a tomb full of nothing but most likely dead bodies?" Yusuke chuckled softly. "Well there is more to the group but Keiko thought it was better to come here and ask with faces you knew." Selene laughed softly. "Thanks and is this about another trip you're going to take before the birth of your first child Yusuke?" She asked with a shake of her finger at him.

Kurama chuckled softly. "Don't chide him to bad about it. He and the rest of us are being forced to go deal with this um well problem in a fight." Selene's eyes turned and looked right into Kurama and like always they made him feel like she was hiding something behind her smiles and sweet talking words. "I don't remember that necklace where did you get it?" Selene reached up and gently touched it and smiled sadly. "It was my grandmother's it was the last thing she gave me before she died." Kurama had a strange look on his face. "Oh sorry." Selene smiled softly. "It's okay anyway who are spending all this money on trying to find a person who's long since dead." She asked as she stood up and went to the cooler and pulled out a couple bottles of water. "Katu or that is what this guy is calling himself." Selene almost dropped the bottles of water when she had the strangest feeling she knew who this Katu really was and she wasn't happy about it. She caught herself and smiled softly "Sorry they slipped slightly." She said as she offered Keiko one and took the other one as she sat down and opened it for herself. "The truth is Naku transferred herself into a human host and into their bloodlines throughout the times. The whole tomb thing was to keep people from finding out what happened to her."

Keiko took sip's of the water before she spoke. "Do you think you can get them to meet with us?" Selene smiled softly. "You already are speaking to one. I have training in fighting if its one of those things." Yusuke looked at Selene. "You know it could end your life I am only letting you know so don't feel like you have to do this we would all lie about all of this." Selene turned and looked at the photo of her old self back when she was in her early twenty's and thought back mentally to her old sword promise about her mother, father, and grandmother. She wanted to know what happened to Ra after all of this was over with it was about damn time she knew what happened to them all. "I know and Naku swore an oath to kill the person who took away her happy family." She turned and looked them. "If I am right then the one who took them might have found a way to live and will be there themselves." Hiei watched her with a tilt of his head but he didn't say anything not even as everyone got up and left the house. They were in the car when Hiei finally spoke up. "She's not telling us something." Keiko looked at him. "Maybe she isn't as a skilled fighter as she says. Or what Koenma was able to find out on Naku wasn't all right. We just don't know what it all is. But Boton and I both know Selene since she moved here from New York." Hiei huffed as they all drove away from this house. None of them noticed that Selene was watching them from the window with a look of dread on her face.

They didn't see Selene until four months later when the fighters gathered at the docks. Yusuke rubbed the back of his neck before he yawned and got a chuckle from Kurama. "You don't have a four-month-old at home Kurama." Kurama smirked softly. "True though is Keiko bring your son here or keeping him away?" Yusuke sighed softly. "No Keiko, Botan, my mother, Shizuru, and Yukina are going to bring him though he does almost make a spitting image for Koenma." That got a chuckle out of everyone even Jin who was floating there near them. His ears twitched slightly "I hear someone coming or something." Selene walked out of the forest with a trunk behind her as she looked at a group of guys and smiled at them. "Hello." Everyone turned and looked at her. "Hiei wasn't thinking you would show up." Kurama said with a chuckle as Hiei huffed about it. Selene giggled softly. "He's a cranky midget." She said with a laugh as he turned and glared at her. She bent her head and kissed his cheek. "Sorry, a little person." She said laughing as she looked at them. "Are you guys going to tell me who you all are?" She almost as she soon as she said that she felt sorry for it. Their names seemed to be rushed at her until he spoke up and sounded like a very high leprechaun and she felt something she hadn't felt in a very very long time. "I'm Jin." He said with a smile before the boat show up and they boarded. This was her fate she was going to finally after thousands of years get her revenge or die trying to get them what all their souls have cried out to her for her uncle's death.

Selene stood at the edge of the ship where she has been since they left port when a member from the other team walked up to her and placed their hand on her. Before anyone on her team could react she took a hold of his hand and had it bent out of shape. "Kneel before your better." She said simply her power level never in that whole moment went anywhere above a normal human level. "I will not kneel before a human." Selene put more pressure on the man's hand as she simply said one thing this time. "Kneel." He finally knelt down before her and she shoved him away from her. "Better." She said simply before she turned and walked away from him and pass her team. Some had a bit of fear in their eyes that they tried to hide from her. But Jin had this goofy grin on his face as he said simply. "Wow what a woman." They all looked at him funny as no one from anyone's team messed with Selene the rest of the boat trip over to the island where either Selene was going to come away from this alive or dead but most likely they might end up knowing who Selene really is and that fact scared her to her core. As it would anyone if they were the grandchild of Bast or any other god or goddess out there. Nothing else had happened for the rest of the trip it was the rest of the demon's on the ship seemed to be scared of her. Though Yusuke seemed to be smirking even watching Jin's goofy smile still lay on his lip's.

When they got onto the island everyone headed up to their room's. The guys were staying in one room. While the girls and Yusuke's son would be staying in another room.That way to protect the girls or that was more Keiko's idea since they had a girl on their team fighting. "I'm cool with that besides I don't know you guys all that well for that." She said with a smile as she noticed that some of the guys in the group were blushing for that and she got giggled over this. "When does everything start?" She asked looking at Yusuke who handed over his son to his wife and was looking for the folder that was given to them once they got there. He flipped it open and threw it. "Seems like it starts shortly after breakfast about an hour after it." He said simply as Selene walked into the girl's room and headed towards one of the empty bed's and placed her trunk at the foot of the bed and she laid down on it. Botan and Yukina came in a short while later. "The guys want to know if you want anything we're going to see what there is about food right now?" Selene mentally sighed before she looked at them. "I might be along later." She said simply before the other two girls nodded their heads and quietly left the room. Selene was left alone with her thoughts and the feeling that her uncle was in the building and she quietly wondered if he could feel her as she did him.

Selene fell a sleep a short while later and she woke up the girls was in the room with her asleep. Selene quietly got up and left the room and headed down the hall. She knew places were closed so even if she was hungry there would be no place to get anything to eat. She saw a man standing out on the balcony looking alone and lost in his own mind. She went to back up and quietly leave. "It's okay miss you don't have to leave." He said turning around and Selene had to fight her inner self hard when she looked into his eyes. "I don't want to bother you I can go really its nothing." He smiled and held his hand out to her. "I'm Katsu and you are?" Selene took his hand and tried to give a nice smile. "I'm Selene I'm with the team Yusuke." Katsu nodded his head slightly. "You're the descent of Naku I never thought she had children. It wasn't written anywhere she had gotten married and had children." Selene smiled softly. "There are always two sides to the story." She said simply. "But I'm sure I can send you the information if you like." She said pulling out her cell phone and brought up the file to show him. It was a good thing she made sure to create a back story for all her lives and names though she made sure to keep all the images she ever had taken locked up tight or burn them. It was easier than anything else she could do for her long, long life.

Katsu seemed to read it over and nod his head. "I'm sorry I just happen to have heard story's about her that I am sure you have as well." Selene nodded her head slightly. "Yes, she swore to kill her uncle I'm sure her soul still wants him dead." Katsu chuckled softly before he smirked. "I'm sure she will either win or fail on that. Anyway, it was a pleasure to meet you and who knows maybe my team will face yours, in the end, Miss Selene and may your soul guide you to either a win or to your own death." He said walking away with a bit of a dark chuckle. "I know she is gone I am finally free." He muttered to himself as he walked away as Selene shook her head slightly before she turned away and looked up at the stars. "Guide me, grandmother and great grandfather. See me to the very end and I will get them all what their souls crave I will give them his death." She said softly not knowing that Hiei was watching and listening from the shadow's as was Kurama and Jin too. Neither one of them moved until Selene walked back into the building and headed back towards the stairs and went towards the girl's room. "I told you both she is hiding something she came to kill Katsu." Kurama looked at Hiei. "Or to kill Naku's uncle." Jin was so not listening to what the others were saying. "That lass has a lovely behind doesn't she?" Hiei and Kurama both coughed slightly before they all walked away back to their own room.

Not much happened the rest of the night or into tomorrow morning three hours after breakfast. The guys and Selene made their way towards the battleground and Selene stood out there with the boys. The first team that came out didn't want anything to do with Selene and she was able to stand back and stay calm as she watched her team take everyone out. The next day was yet another team with very little rest for her team to regain their health. This time this team made Selene come out from behind the men of her team. She walked onto the battle field and stood there looking him in the eyes. "Are you ready to die little human?" He asked her with a smirk. Selene just smiled up at him. "Are you?" Was what she said back to him where he was taken aback from it and then grew angry over the whole thing. Selene smirked as they faced each other on the battle field. They took their stance and faced off as they ran up to each other. The demon went to slash at her face and she reached up and blocked his arm. And quickly before he could do much else bend it backward and broke it. And reached up with her other hand and grabbed his throat. "Kneel." She said sternly and forcefully to the demon as she shoved him backward. "Kneel or die those are your choices." The demon ground and went after her with his other hand he was setting out to kill her. She spun around and kicked him in the chin sending his body and head flying backward.

The demon flew backward's hitting the ground hard with a loud thud. Everyone watched and waited to see if he would get up or at least start to twitch. He wasn't doing either one of those movements he was just lying there not moving. The match was called and she won that round and she turned and walked off the area. People who kept an eye on people's power level through these matches noticed that Selene's power level didn't rise and didn't lower. And people thought their machines were broken as they checked to make sure it wasn't broke and was working still. Selene looked at Jin and winked at him as she went to go get some water bottles. Selene stood off to the side when Kurama walked over to her. "What are you hiding Selene? That is if that is your real name." He said simply as Selene turned and looked at him trying to hold back the shock out of her voice and off her face too. "I don't know what your talking Kurama. Besides I'm here to help your guys team out I can walk if I choose to." Kurama shook his head slightly. "They would never let any of us off the island until after the final fight is done." Selene sighed softly. "Let me guess it's Katsu's doing?" Kurama nodded his head slightly. "Because he wants the last link to Naku to be dead and buried six feet in the ground. He is either Naku's uncle or the last blood link to him and with his death, Naku's family can finally be free." She sighed softly. "Some how I get the feeling if I lose everyone on earth is doom." She said simply before she turned and walked into the back where the others were now going. Kurama never asked her about any of this after that chat but he did tell his friend Hiei about what Selene said to him. "Still think she isn't fully telling us everything." Kurama nodded his head but that was all he said.

Every week after that was a match since a lot of the teams had a healer or healers. Yukina walked into the girl's room and went and sat down on Selene's bed. "Do you need healing?" Selene turned away from looking out the window and shook her head slightly. "No thank you Yukina." She said simply as she turned and looked out the window and sighed. "Whats wrong?" Selene stood and walked to the window and stared out of it at the ocean below. "Soon this is all going to end. And I will get my chance to take out Katsu if I am right about who he is." Yukina blinked slightly. "Oh. Like how I figured out who my brother is?" Selene laughed softly. "Yes, a connection that no one sees but you feel it. I'm sure you tortured your brother for not telling you who he is sooner?" She asked finally looking away from the window. "Yes since he hates my boyfriend." Selene laughed out right. "Good for you and you know your brother is going to torture him endlessly?" Yukina nodded her head slightly. "True." A knock sounded on the door and Yusuke poked his head in. "It's time Selene." He said before he turned around and left the room as Selene sighed softly. "Tell the guys I will be right there." Yukina nodded her head slightly before she turned and left the room. Selene walked up to her chest and opened it and pulled out two scroll's and strapped them to her waist. She closed her trunk and turned around and left the room heading down to the battle arena for the last time.

Selene and the others went back down to the battle ground and everyone took on Katsu's team and then it was the final match and Selene stood there looking at him. "Can I change our fights term's?" Katsu nodded his head slightly. "Yes, you may what is it?" Selene looked him squarely in the eyes. "Battle to the death and no holding back on our true power level?" She said with a slight twitch of her head as she waited for him to answer her. Katsu stood there thinking for a moment and chuckled softly. "Granted I hope you get a quick death human." He said simply before he went from looking human to looking like he was Hercules with cat ears and a matching tail too. "I can finally rid my self of the last link keeping me from taking the next step to getting at Ra and Bast." Selene stood there looking rather bored as she looked at him. "Yap yap yap you are still yapping in all these years." She shook her head slightly as she took her fighting stance as she looked at him. "Let's see how long you live until I finally use my full powers." Jin, Hiei, Koenma, Kurama, and everyone just looked at each other and then back at Selene. And with that Katsu growled and roared at her before he launched himself at her. Selene stepped out of the way before she swung her leg around kicking him in the stomach sending him flying out of the ring. Everyone started to crack up laughing as Selene remained in the center of the ring with a smirk on her face. "Nice try."

Katsu stood up and walked towards the ring. "Fine let's see how you like this little bitch." He said before he jumped back in the ring and slapped her so hard he sent her flying out of the ring and her head hit the ground with a loud thud. "Weak." He waited for a moment before Selene groaned as she got up rubbing the back of her head. "Cheap shot." She nearly hissed at him before Katsu jumped attacked her sending a lot of punches at her. He took a hold of her arms and broke them in his hand and left her in the center of the ring. "Don't worry little human I will kill you soon enough. But you're still holding back so let me help you with that little catch in your system should I kill a human here or a demon." He said laughing darkly. "Hmm, choices I think I will kill Keiko and her son." The look on Yusuke's face looked like if he wasn't holding his side he would kill him. Jin jumped in front of Keiko and her son. "Kill me instead." He wasn't in much better shape than the others but he could give his life for an old friend of his none the less. "If you wish." He slammed his hand into Jin's chest where his heart is and grabbed a hold of it. "Say good bye to her Jin." Jin looked at Selene. "Kill him." As Katsu ripped Jin's heart out of his chest Selene stood up and started to glow brightly. "DON'T!" as Katsu crushed Jin's heart in his hand. Katsu turned and saw Selene standing there glowing brightly causing people to step back and shield their eyes and cover their ears hearing her scream.

Selene's power level kept on rising up and up and up causing the machines to start to break down and explode until there was just blackness since it also seemed the lights went out as well too. As the lights came on they saw Selene standing there curled up on the ground before she stood up wearing the clothes of a goddess as it was all silk and yes still purple like Naku does. As Selene turned around purple cat ears and cat tail appear on her body. Selene opened her eyes revealing purple cat eyes. "So this is your true form as the final cog in the family line of Naku's she did great work too bad I can't break you in before I kill you." He stepped into the ring. Selene reared back and punched Katsu in the face so hard he flew back out of the ring. "You're still blind after all these years uncle." She noticed the confused look at Katsu's face. "My name my true name is Naku the goddess of death." She said with a rather wicked smirk on her face. "Hello, Uncle are you ready to die now?" She said before she looked down at her nails that grew out to be more like claws. Katsu growled at her before he launched himself at her and she dodged he sneered at her as she stood there laughing at him. "Come now uncle you knew this day was coming since you killed father and mother." Katsu snapped his teeth at her as he stood there looking at her.

"I should have killed you that day so long ago but I figured nature got you." He walked up to her and smirked. "You would have made a lovely bed mate if your mother had gone with the plain." He ticked at her when Naku/Selene slashed at his face with her claw's and he grabbed her hand from going anywhere near his face or other parts of his body. "Maybe I should take you now here before them all before I rip out your heart and leave you here to die hmm?" Selene sent a knee into his stomach as she jumped back and calmed her inner self. "How about I just finish this off uncle." They attacked but instead of her landing punches or her clawing at him. She grabbed a hold of his wrist and held it bent backward's and with her other hand she grabbed his throat and squeezed. "Hush." She said simply. "It's time you welcome your self into the arms of death." She said ever so sweetly right before she kissed her uncle square on the lips. Everyone around was shocked by her doing that. Katsu opened his eyes and tried to flail about as Naku was draining his life force from his body. The others stood there shocked even a bit afraid when they watched her doing this. Katsu was just barely alive when you could almost hear him whisper. "Your powers shouldn't work on me?" Selene/Naku kissed him again on the lips finishing the job.

She stood up and closed her eyes as tears fell down her face as Katsu's body turned to dust before her. "Grandmother forgive me." She said as she fell to her knee's before them all. "There is nothing to forgive little one." A heaven like voice appeared out of nowhere and everyone was shocked when two cloaked figures stepped forward and removed their hood's. They looked no older than Selene/Naku her self and the woman smiled at her. "You did what had to be done and besides the soul's of those he hurt and killed can now be free as can you." Selene sat up and wiped the tears away from her face. "What do you mean I am free as well?" The man smirked softly and knelt down before her. "Great grand child I gave you a gift so long ago you can now fully accept it and that is your mortal now." Selene blinked slightly. "How was I immortal?" Bast smiled softly. "My necklace protected you until you were ready to face your uncle. But should the demon's in this time should ever do you wrong just touch the necklace and ask for protection." Selene nodded her head slightly. "What about Jin?" She asked finally turning to look at him. "There is nothing we can do he gave his life to protect someone and you. We can offer his soul another job if he so decides to pick it. But you shouldn't worry about it too much right now." Ra looked at Hiei and Kurama. "You two will make sure she gets back safe or else." Was the last thing he said before him and Bast vanished into nothingness.

Selene stood up finally and looked at the demon's all staring at the now formal goddess of death and she feared their reaction. Everyone was clapping as they stood there looking at her. "Three cheers for the most powerful demoness ever known." And they did cheer for her she looked at Yusuke. "I'm sorry I lied and about Jin too." Yusuke nodded his head slightly. "I didn't think your lie was that bad if you ask me." Everyone after that had packed up and Jin's body was laid to rest. Hiei and Kurama escorted Selene off the island and back home. Hiei looked at her. "What are you going to do now?" Selene smiled softly at him. "Whatever the hell I want too." She bent down and kissed him on the cheek and then turned and kissed Kurama on the cheek as well too. "Thank you, both." They nodded their heads and left with Hiei slightly blushing as they went. Selene turned and looked at the old photo of herself and sighed. "Where free to be Selene or to be Naku so where do we want to be again?" She asked before she laughed softly before she turned and left for her bedroom. She didn't see the picture turn its head to watch Selene go or hear its ghostly whisper. "To find the one thing we gave up hoping for ever having."

Tardis let something lose.
What ever it let out the doctor isn't going to be happy about it not one bit.
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Chloe blinked slightly when she woke up not really getting where she was at. She tried to move when she looked up and noticed that her hands was tied to the head board with black scarf's by both arm's. She tried to move her legs and figured out really quickly she was totally tied down to the bed. She glanced down and with a slight wiggle she found out she was naked as the day she was born. She turned her head left and right and didn't see anyone and she let out a slight humph over the whole thing. She glanced up when she heard someone chuckling the chuckle she knew really quickly who it was who had stripped her and tied her down to the bed. "Lucifer let me go." Lucifer smirked at her before he turned his head slightly as his horns came out for her to see. "Why should I let the virgin sacrifice go?" Chloe blinked slightly and looked at him rather funny. "You know I'm not a virgin or I wouldn't have Trixie?" Lucifer sighed softly over it. "Yes I know you really don't get role play do you?" He asked her with a rather annoyed look on his face.

Chloe shook her head slightly. "So the devil and the sacrifice?" Lucifer grinned like a little boy who was about to eat his favorite treat for the first time in day's. "Yes." Chloe laughed softly before she looked into his eyes. "Wow what long horns you have Mr. Devil." Lucifer's smirk turned wicked and naughty at the same time. "Ah don't worry my little virgin I will be gentle with all three of my horn's." Chloe gave him a rather funny look like she was trying to hold in a laugh as she looked at him. "But I only see two horn's Mr. Devil." She said simply. Lucifer walked around to the side of the bed and ran a finger down one of arms gently towards her face. "My third horn is where you can't see. But you will feel for your self deep with in you enough as I defile you here in my domain." He said as he gently ran a finger along her jaw line as he smiled at her before he bent his head and kissed her gently on the lips before he deepen it. That kiss went on for a while until Lucifer pulled back and whispered into her ear. "The code word to end our fun is Dan." He said simply. "I would have used god but human's use his name in sex so um no." He smirked softly before he lightly ran a hand down her front from her throat towards one of her breasts then.

Chloe shuddered slightly from his touch she let out a moan when he pinched one of her nibble. He bent his head and gently bit that nipple before he started to suck on it hunger. While he sucked on that nipple his other hand went over and teased, flicked and pinched her other nipple. He pulled back from the nipple he was sucking on before he blew softly onto it getting a shutter from her and he chuckled. He did the very same thing to her other nipple before he kissed the spot right over her heart. He then kissed down the rest of the way until he kissed her stomach and blowing softly on the cold spot. "I think the sacrifice is enjoying her self." He said simply before he cupped her pussy and smiled at her. "Your lying devil." Her eyes was sparkling with mischief over the whole thing. "Ah but I'm not your body is craving for me to spread your legs and feast on you for the rest of the night in that spot there." He said smiling at her. "I'm sure your going to be very tasty to me and only me." He said with a bit of a growl and his eyes flashed briefly into slightly glowing red.

"Why doesn't the devil find out?" Chloe said with a smile that turned into a moan when Lucifer's middle finger started to rub her little nub. "Oh I will soon enough but like anything delicious you have to savior it slowly." He said smiling at her as his finger keep's on rubbing her little nub as he stood there watching it before he bent his head and licked one of her nipples and then blew on it gently. The whole thing caused Chloe to arch up in the bed and try to open her leg's a little further for him. They moved a little bit more but not by much though when he stopped teasing her nub and slipped two finger's inside her he had to kiss her to keep her from biting her bottom lip up to badly. He kept on trusting his two fingers inside of her as he stood up and watched those fingers slide in and out of her. "Your pussy is so hungry its trying to drench my hand in your juices." He pulled out his two fingers getting a brief little whimper from her that turned into a moan as he went back to her pussy with this time three fingers into her and went to trusting them in and out of her. Chloe was trying to hold onto her mind as well as trying to keep her body under control over all these hormones flowing threw her body right now. That she was in a losing battle with her self.

Chloe kept on fighting though when Lucifer removed his three fingers from her pussy she was about to break free and strangle him. That went away quickly when he came back and thrust four fingers into her and bent down and kissed her lower stomach. "Hmm your so drenched I can smell you clear as day. I should try and either drive you up the wall more or give you some relief hmm." He said as he removed his fingers from her and stuck them into his mouth and sucked and licked her juices from his fingers. "Hmm so tasty." He said before he kissed her briefly on the lips before he moved to the end of his bed and leaned in very close to her pussy and inhaled her there. "I should bottle this smell it would sell very well in hell." He chuckled softly before he buried his face in her pussy and started to lick her up hungrily. Chloe threw her head back and groaned loudly as she came over his face as he kept on licking her pussy. She was on the knife's edge almost from the moment he trusted his tongue up inside her and wiggled it slightly as he tongue fucked her pussy over and over. She came again with a groan as her thighs tighten around his head keeping her there as she came for him.

Lucifer didn't stop or let up even as she came for a third time on his face. "Lucifer." She moaned softly as he put her legs down and she smiled at him. "Yes?" Chloe looked at him. "Your going to make me say it aren't you?" Lucifer smiled at her. "As the devil I would have to say yes." He said simply. "I need you inside me." Lucifer gave her a rather devilish smile as he spoke. "My fingers or my tongue? Or maybe even my 'third horn' hmm?" Chloe glared up at him slightly until she growled at him. "I want you to fuck me with your cock or third horn what ever you want to call it Lucifer." She said as she glared at him causing him to chuckle as he sat up and unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them. He let his cock out and he was rewarded with a groan and the sight of more moisture appearing at her pussy. "Ah yes you want this don't you?" He asked her as he took a hold of himself and teased her pussy with the tip of his cock. He had a devilish smile on his face as Chloe's pussy tried to suck him into her. "Yes your right you are very hunger for my cock. Well never said the devil disappoints his virgin sacrifice's." Chloe opened her mouth to say something when Lucifer suddenly trusted all the way into her as she couldn't hold back the scream that ripped it's self out of her chest then.

Lucifer grinned at her as he stayed still as he was fully seated inside of her. "Who knew I could make you scream." He chuckled softly before he started to trust into her hard and deeply into her. Some times switching up his strokes into her either slow or fast. Even some times either going all the way in or being shallow into her. "Yes." He groans as he buries his face into her neck as he fuck's her as he kisses her throat as he reaches back with one hand then the other to untie her leg's and pull them up around his waist. Chloe leaned up and whispered into his ear. "" Lucifer pushes himself up over. "Naughty naughty." He said before he bent his head and kissed her deeply on the lips. Before he did what she wanted he let her arms go and almost chuckled if it didn't turn into a groan as she came hard around him as her arms came up and he felt her fingers on his back. He didn't pick up his speed more until he felt her nail's digging into his back and he groaned when she did it to him. His hands went to her hip's helping her to trust into him as his speed picked up. He bent his head and muttered softly into her ear. "Mine." He growled into her ear.

He trusted into her so deeply you would think he was trying to crawl into her deeply that way. He held off from coming this whole time only by sheer will power as he trusted into her and he almost groaned loudly when he felt her cum around him again and then again. He trusted into her a few more times until he threw back his head and groaned deeply as he cum deeply with in her. He laid down half off of her before he slipped out of her and rolled over next to her. They remained there catching there breath for some time after that until Lucifer spoke up first. "So?" He asked finally turning his head to look at her. "I don't think I can walk now Lucifer." He chuckled softly before he sat up and leaned over her with a smile. "Next time you can tie me up." Chloe laughed softly before she smiled at him. "I think hand cuffed to a chair would be good." She said with a naughty look in her eyes that was echoed in his eyes. "I would love that." He said before he bent his head slightly and kissed her on her lips. "Rest." He said simply as he laid back down on his side of the bed as he pulls her close to him. They laid there in the quiet until Chloe spoke. "You know you didn't wear a condom." The look on Lucifer's face when it hit him that he didn't would have been priceless.

Lucifer opened his mouth to say something as he turned his head to look at her. But he sighed softly when he saw her sound a sleep. He turned his head away with a soft sigh as he looked at the off fan that was there. "Only you would do something like that to me dad if Chloe is pregnant." He said softly before he sighed softly until his eyes closed and he fell a sleep then with her at his side. The pair didn't hear a chuckle or the softly spoke words that seemed to come from no where. "Yes I would my son enjoy your gifts from here on out." And with that it was all quiet for the rest of the night.
The devil and the 'Virgin' sacrifice.
This is a fan fic about Lucifer from the tv show Lucifer.


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